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First Baptist Church of Old Fort, NC
Sunday, September 22, 2019
A Voice to the Mountains

Music Ministry

First Baptist Church has an Adult Choir.
The FBC Choir rehearses on
Sunday afternoons at 4 PM
and Wednesday evenings at 7 PM. 
Come join the choir!
There is a special relationship among choir members that transcends just being a team player.  A sense of belonging, a sense of leadership,  love and friendship, partnership, and commitment.  We are musicians and worship leaders. We are called and enabled by the power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus.  We are ministers empowered to touch lives through the songs we sing offering comfort, joy, conviction, and peace to all who would hear and respond.  When we sing our own hearts are moved along with yours.  The songs we sing are about the love of Jesus and how we get through each day with Him and with His strength.  Some have even made comment that rehearsal time can be very therapeutic, relaxing, challenging, empowering, up lifting, and stress relieving.  I have spoken to several people who become uncomfortable at the thought of being in front of an audience and singing.  In a choir setting, we are not alone.  We stand with many who are engaged in the same activity.  Some have said they just aren't comfortable with the idea of singing in the choir even though they have a beautiful singing voice and know music.  To these I would say this.  Our lives are all about overcoming fear and rising above the challenges we face every day and becoming better than we were the moment before.  If we don't accept the challenges laid before us, then how are we to grow or become better than we were?  I said earlier that we are CALLED, ENABLED, and EMPOWERED.  It is the Holy Spirit within us that does this enabling and empowering.  So let's put aside our fears and accept the challenge.  I hope to see you at Choir rehearsal.
Rev. Stephen Willie
Minister of Music

We are starting up a Hand-Bell Choir on August 11th in the old RA room.  There is a sign up sheet in the foyer so please sign up for this ministry so that we may add this beautiful instrument to our curriculum.  This is an excellent chance to learn the basics of music and how play an instrument.
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